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Foundational Reading

You will receive a 1-hour recorded report outlining your personal Human Design chart to include type, strategy, and the major themes of your unique design. As a bonus, I'll send you the free booklet Healing Journeys By Design.

Agalia Baker came into the lives of my wife and I quite serendipitously at the Body, Mind and Soul Convention in Little Rock.  My wife and I were drawn to her and the concept of Human Design quite naturally and from the moment we met her we knew she was the real deal.  We learned through her that Human Design is so much more than what it first seemed.  She was able to explain aspects about ourselves and our relationship that had previously been a mystery and a source of pain and frustration.  She presented us with information that was hidden and did so in a kind and real way that felt from the heart.  We truly felt like she had our best interests in mind and that she was there to help.  She taught us about our individual strategies and how to use them effectively to lead a more productive and happier life.  Her method of giving us this knowledge was as soft and kind hearted as it was direct and firm.  She was able to see and explain to us some of the hard truths we were blind to previously and gave us solutions as to how to remedy these issues in our lives.  Solutions that are working after only a few weeks of learning to use our personal strategy!  Because of our success in using our strategy we scheduled a Zoom meeting with her online.  She was prompt and prepared and was the one to offer the online meeting to save us time and gas money.  At that meeting she was able to answer questions in more detail about our personal designs, how our designs interplay together in our marriage and also gave us some needed insight into our closest family members.  Every ounce of information has been useful and applicable immediately!  We will continue to work with Agalia indefinitely, because to know yourself is to love yourself.  And in loving yourself you can love the world around you.  And I believe she is presenting this invaluable message in that way, with love and compassion, and a desire to heal others.  Arming us with facts and guiding us to an understanding of how to use these facts.  We now know that Human Design truly is for Everyone and we will be forever grateful for the time she has spent with us.
— Rowan & Tara Fletcher-Gibbs, Little Rock, AR