Are you feeling lost, confused and alone, all the while longing to be well?

Have you been desperately searching for answers to heal yourself or feel better?

Imagine understanding the source of pain and health problems instead of just managing the symptoms. 

If you've tried everything without success and have no where to turn, I invite you to give Healing Journeys by Design a chance.

My name is Agalia Baker, creator of Healing Journeys by Design. I’ve been where you are right now. I've spent numerous hours trying to figure out what was going on with my health, what I needed to know about it, and how I was going heal. I’ve searched the internet, read every self-help book I could get my hands on, and asked opinions of multiple doctors and anyone who I could get to stand still long enough to listen to my problems. No one had the answers I needed.

Then, I found Human Design.

Human Design is a composite of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system, and Quantum Physics. It provides an energetic blueprint of your individual nature. We each have our own unique expression, purpose, and role in life. We cannot and should not be confined to a single definition of the experience of being human.

It is well known that stress is a precursor to disease and one of the greatest stressors is not knowing how to navigate this human experience with ease. We are subject to impossible expectations, but we are not given the road map on how to achieve those goals. There is a way to stop the madness, let go of unrealistic expectations, and become acquainted with the true you.

Using a blend of Human Design, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Aroma Freedom Technique, I will assist you in getting to the root of your health issues, provide the tools you can apply to help ease your pain, and teach you how to gently guide yourself toward your best healing response. 

Are you ready to begin your journey?

Your first step is to get your free Human Design chart* which is created using your birth date, birth time and your birth place.

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*Charts typically take 24-48 hours to run. You will receive a separate email with your FREE Human Design chart.
PLEASE NOTE: Human Design has some basis with Astrology, therefore an exact birth time is required to have an accurate chart. If you do not know the exact time of your birth, please estimate a time. I cannot guarantee that the chart will be accurate without an exact birth time.